DPG Media Netherlands

The leading communication group in the Netherlands

DPG Media is a benchmark in the media industry.

Publishes more than 100 quality titles with a wide variety of titles covering all sectors, for example DPG Media reaches 80% of the Dutch with interest in travel.

DPG Media is especially relevant in the national press with AD, De Morgen, de Volkskrant, Trouw, and regional press with Het Parool and completes its informative offer with the weekly supplements of each of his newspapers.

On the other hand, DPG Media has a wide range of women’s and lifestyle magazines with great coverage such as Margriet, Veronica, Libelle and we must highlight its great penetration in the design segment with such renowned titles as Eigen Huis, VT Wonen, Ariadne at Home.

Its extensive digital network includes market-leading sites such as NU.nl and AD.nl, which allows us to offer all types of campaigns with CPMs more competitive, the possibility of integrating the most notable formats and guaranteeing their visibility.

More information about DPG Netherlands: https:// www.dpgmediagroup.com/dpgmedia-nederland