The largest population in the world

China has been the fastest growing economy in the world, reaching in 2014 the world primacy in terms of GDP. China is also in 2017 the largest exporter and importer of goods and the first industrial power.

Consumer behaviour

China is experiencing a consumer revolution, and foreign products that use marketing, advertising and advanced research techniques are at the forefront. China is a “collectivist” society, where the group prevails over the individual. As a result, Chinese consumers follow the rules of the group to which they belong. In this way, advertising in China is usually targeted more at groups rather than at individuals.

Today, the generation of the “only child” wants to live well, live even better and, consequently, invest in their well-being (education, luxury products, consumer goods), especially in large cities. China is the largest market for global luxury brands, accounting for 47% of global sales of luxury consumer products.

The Chinese consumer has a high affinity towards brands. They also believe that the price is an indication of the quality of the product. In general, they consider researching the product prior to purchase of a product to be very important. The main source is word of mouth (not censored) followed by the media.

Censored contents

There are two governmental institutions that are in charge of monitoring the transmissions of the media, censoring the content that they consider inappropriate and approving or disapproving foreign productions for dissemination in the country.

The content on the Internet is also examined by government agencies. Some of the most popular Internet sites in European and American countries such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are not available.

About 10 years ago, G+J joint forces with the Chinese editorial group RAYLI which offers powerful national brands in several segments like female, male fashion, family, decoration and more. www.rayli.com is one of the most important female sites in China, with 4,800,000 unique users and 55 million of impressions.