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A country enjoying high purchasing powers

Germany’s business climate is at a historically excellent level and looking more optimistic compared to other strong markets in Europe. Germans are consumption optimists and have the highest confidence in their economy.

Germany is a highly attractive sales market due to their inhabitants’ purchasing powers. Retail sales are increasing above-average every year. Low unemployment rate, further growth of GDP is expected and the German e-commerce market is a driver of growth.


A country of readers (AWA 2017)

83.9% of German population can be reached through magazines.

80.1% can be reached through the internet.

Our portfolio offers 39.3 mill. UU cross-digital coverage power in strong core target groups which represent 51% of the total German population.


A country of travellers

Germans are European champion for traveling, both to long and short distance destinations. German spendings for travel are on the rise and they love foreign destinations: about two third of all trips go abroad. More Germans are also planning a longer second holiday per year.

SPAIN is the first destination in Europe to travel to, and has increased 25% in the last 10 years.

Silver agers (+65 years) are a growing target group. 2020 every second German traveller will be above 50 years.

Sun & Beach is still the most popular type of vacation. Shopping becomes more and more important, too. Short trips in the local vicinity of the holiday location and enjoying regional specialities are the runner-up in holiday planning due to an increasing demand for authentic travel experiences.

Nearly half of tourism ad spending goes to Print (33%) and Digital (25%).

G+J Portfolio reaches 81% of all affluent German private travellers.