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The leading business-financial media group in Italy entrusts to us its exclusive representation in Spain. Il SOLE 24 ORE daily newspaper, the website, together with RADIO 24, are positioned as the strongest partners in Italy for the business sector. They are the premier source for professionals, investors and households. In order to meet the needs of all its readers, they also include the well-known supplements IL- male lifestyle and HOW TO SPEND IT- luxury in XL format. The group increases its coverage with the commercial radio station RADIO KISS KISS, the first national radio for engagement level.

OPENLANDS can spread now your message also in Italy with Gruppo 24 Ore, the essential tool to reach the readers with the highest level and high purchasing power. We cover the business, economic and financial sectors, and also lifestyle, fashion, beauty, art, travel and gastronomy. Il Sole System is your passport to reach a highly selective audience through a single multimedia solution.

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